Jeff Phillips fine art prints




- Swansea History

- Environment and Community


- Dylan Thomas


- Mines and Mining


A selection of fine art prints available for educational and recreational purposes




Copyright Jeff Phillips                       2020

Sizes and Prices

 All prints for sale are currently available in size A3 only


The prints available in this catalogue are printed with an A3 image. The image comes complete with a surrounding white edge border designed to fit a standard 16 ins x 20ins frame. 

Each print is signed by the artist Jeff Phillips



Price per print                     £30 each

Postage and Packaging

United Kingdom:               £5

Overseas:                            £10 

Please note, while the images in the catalogue below are watermarked, all prints purchased are watermark-free

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OS1 watermarked.JPG


No/ OS1                 

Mumbles Railway - the Pier


No/ OS2                  

High Street Station Swansea 1850

OS2 watermarked.JPG
OS3 watermarked.JPG


No/ OS3                 Mary Dugdale, River Tawe 1840



No/ OS4                 Mary Dugdale, River Tawe at night

OS4 watermarked.JPG
OS5 watermarked.JPG

No/ OS5                Copper Works Smelting

No/ OS6                Copper Works Cold Rolling

OS6 watermarked.JPG
OS7 watermarked.JPG

No/ OS7                Landore Viaduct 1895

No/ OS8               North Dock Bridges Swansea 1895

OS8 watermarked.JPG
OS9 watermarked.jpg

No/ OS9             

The Zeta North Dock Swansea 1865

No/ OS10              

The South Dock Swansea 1900

OS10 watermark.JPG
OS11 watermark.JPG

No/ OS11              

River Tawe Ferry Swansea 1900

No/ OS12              

The Lower Swansea Valley Project

OS12 watermark.JPG
OS13 watermark.JPG

No/ OS13              

The Swansea Blitz 1941

No/ OS14              

Mumbles Railway  Slip Bridge

SPPF 1.jpg

No/ E14              

The Incredible Water Cycle

E14 watermark.JPG
E15 watermark.JPG

No/ E15              

The Tree of Concern

No/ D16              

Dylan Thomas

Fern Hill

D17 watermark.JPG

No/ D17              

Dylan Thomas

The Hunchback in the Park

No/ D18              

Caitlyn and Dylan,


D18 watermark.JPG
D19 watermark.JPG

No/ D19              

Dylan Thomas,

Rev Eli Jenkins

No/ D20              

Dylan Thomas

Swansea: lovely, ugly town

D20 watermark.JPG
D21 watermark.JPG

No/ D21              

The Kardomah Gang

No/ D22              

Dylan Thomas, BBC Broadcast, Uplands Swansea 1947

D22 watermark.JPG
D23 watermark.JPG

No/ D23              

Dylan Thomas, Swansea Blitz 1942

No/ D24              

Dylan Thomas, Swansea Pubs (1)

D24 watermark.JPG
D25 watermark.JPG

No/ D25              

Dylan Thomas, Swansea Pubs (2)

No/ D26              

Dylan Thomas, Farewell to New York

D26 watermark.JPG
D27 watermark.JPG

No/ D27              

Dylan Thomas,

And Death Shall Have No Dominion