Past Present and Future Festival Events List

Events will include:

Treasure Hunt
Children will love the Treasure Hunt that begins at Swansea Music Art and Digital offices in High Street, with QR-coded paintings leading to a series of clues around the city.


USA Connection
We'll link up with Americans of Welsh origin who will discuss the international influence of Swansea's art.


Short Film Festival
It’s time for budding film-makers to find their audience.
Submit a short film, between three and ten minutes in length, following the theme of Swansea’s past, present or future. All shortlisted films will be shown, and the winning film will be announced at our awards ceremony.


Tales From Copperopolis
Join us for a trip on Copper Jack with a talk on Swansea’s Copper smelting history. The talk will be accompanied by a visual display based on Jeff Phillips’s paintings evoking Swansea’s industrial past.


Through Children’s Eyes
Five performances of short plays by five groups of local schoolchildren will bring back memories of Swansea in the 19th and 20th centuries.


A New Kardomah Gang 
At this forum discussion we will invite nominations for a new group of artists, writers, poets and musicians to take Swansea forward into the 2020s – our new Kardomah Gang. Proposers will be given five minutes each to put their case for their preferred artist, and then have a further five minute Q&A session with a judging panel and with the audience.


Your Democratic Birthright 
With the Welsh Senedd elections less than three months away and young people aged 16 and 17 eligible to vote, we’ll discuss the history of democracy and voting in Swansea, the struggle working people faced for the right to influence their country’s governance and the importance of exercising that right. 


Swansea at Work; 1850 – 1950 – 2050
How can Swansea’s young people prepare themselves for the economy and the job market of the 2020s and beyond? We’ll ask these questions in conversation with young people and industry experts. We’ll also see the workplaces of the mid-19th and mid-20th centuries through Jeff Phillips’ paintings, and speculate on what the coming decades have in store.


What We Sacrificed
We talk about what Swansea sacrificed as a city to draw enemy fire in 1941, and how that contributed to a victory that saved democracy in Western Europe. Guest speakers who lived through the Blitz will compare their experiences of wartime and of lockdown.


Our Multicultural Future
An exhibition of art and poetry by Swansea people born outside the UK.