Past, Present and Future

There are cities, in the UK and around the world, in which art is inaccessible to many residents. Many of these cities are famous for their art and artists, but they fail to include and inspire the wider population.

Swansea isn't one of those cities. Jeff Phillips, for one, won’t let it be. For years Jeff has told our story through his vivid paintings of Swansea’s industrial landscape and our collective journey through war and peace. And he’s sharing them with all of us.

In 2021 Jeff’s work is the focal point of Swansea Past, Present and Future. A series of events built around Jeff’s inspiring and evocative art will bring together the people of Swansea in celebration of a city that’s still moving forward.

We’ll embrace a past that saw our port become an essential link in the chain of global trade, saw our landscape lose its greenery and our sky turns from blue to grey as we paid the price for our status as a hub of heavy industry, and saw our streets reduced to rubble in the midst of war. We’ll celebrate the spirit that saw us rise again in the second half of the 20th century and has seen communities pull together in the face of a new health crisis in 2020. And we’ll look forward to the future of a city whose people, employers and institutions are geared up to adapt to whatever the coming decades have in store for us.